With just hours left until the Apple Watch 2 is launched...Byte has just one more thing to share with the world...an exclusive LCD teardown.





To the best of our knowledge the process that we used has never before been attempted on an Apple Watch display.


After taking the temperature down to -136 we were able to separate the cover glass and touch panel from the LCD assembly.


What we found was the most advanced display of its kind, not only was it incredibly thin but incorporates cutting edge technology.

We also removed the shields from the chips so that you can get a close up view on what’s inside.

Apple have done a great job with this product and we cant wait to get our hands on the finished article.


Apple Watch 2 LCD Teardown 1


Apple Watch LCD Teardown 2


Apple Watch 2 LCD Teardown 3


Apple Watch 2 LCD Teardown 4


 Apple Watch 2 LCD Teardown 5


Apple Watch 2 LCD Teardown 6


Apple Watch 2 LCD Teardown 7


 Apple Watch 2 LCD Teardown 8