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Our story



"You cant connect the dots looking forward.  You can only connect them looking backwards".  (Steve Jobs)


Not all dots connect directly back to Steve Jobs, Paul Terrell, Sir Peter Rigby and Sir Terrance Conran... ours do.


Our name ... Byte ... derives from The Byte Shop founded in 1975 in Mountain View, California, where the first Apple computers where stocked and sold.


It can be argued if it was not for Paul Terrell, The Byte Shop, and his advice for a young Steve Jobs to create a fully assembled plug and play computer, Apple may never have been what it is today.



Apple was stocked in The Byte Shop, it is our mission and heartfelt desire to come full circle and have Byte products stocked in Apple Stores.



How it all started and our journey so far...



December 1975

Paul Terrell founded The Byte Shop in Mountain View, California, USA.


April 1976

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniack founded Apple Computer Inc, in Cupertino, California, USA.


July 1976 

Steve Jobs sold the very first Apple computer to The Byte Shop.


January 1983

Sir Peter Rigby travels to the USA, is introduced to and meets with Paul Terrell.


August 1991

Sir Terrance Conran is commissioned by Sir Peter Rigby to design and develop the Byte logo and retail stores concept.


May 1993

Byte Computer Superstores are launched in the United Kingdom.


September 1993

Aged 11, Khalid Hassan visits the Byte Superstore located in Solihull, Birmingham with his father, an unforgettable experience and lasting memory is made.


June 1996

Byte becomes the largest computer retailer in the United Kingdom with over 61 locations and 13 superstores.


April 1998

Byte is acquired by Dixons PC World, all stores are re-branded and the Byte brand is retired.


June 2001

Office in Shenzhen, China is established - sourcing and wholesaling of consumer electronics commences.


February 2006

Office in Shenzhen, China is relocated and expanded, warehouse and office is established in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.


July 2007

Specialist teams are created to source, design, develop and contract manufacture service parts, components and sub-assemblies for mobile electronic devices and computers.


January 2010

Preferred supplier status awarded by ANOVO, Ingram Micro, and Maplin.


July 2012

Byte is acquired by Khalid Hassan aged 30, from Dixons PC World...19 years after first visiting the Solihull store with his father.


December 2012

Byte is granted an Apple MFI Developers Licence and launches the world's most power Apple Certified Lightning Car Charger.


May 2016

Byte is awarded a contract totalling USD $8.3 million by Ingram Micro Mexico and L1BRE to design, develop and manufacture industrial grade power supplies, accessories and security solutions for deployment to 150,000 taxis in Mexico City.


April 2020

Byte is awarded a licence to develop and manufacture consumer electronics by Viacom for their Paw Patrol & Baby Shark brands.